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How can I add Super 8 Film to my Wedding?

Why should I add a Super 8 Film?

What is Super 8?





Contrary to what it may seem like, the world isn’t all digital yet! Super 8 has been around since 1965, and it’s a film format that captures video. 

The vibe you get with Super 8 film is unlike anything else – and seeing your wedding in this form is truly a one of a kind experience. It’s nostalgic, and has a home made feeling that brings the ultimate sense of comfort, nostalgia, and meaning!

See for yourself – here’s an example of a wedding video shot on Super 8 film.



Your wedding video isn’t just about how the day looked – it’s about how it FELT! Watching your film should bring back all those big emotions, and remind you what it felt like to be there with the love of your life and the people you love most, and the excitement, joy, and all the little moments that made your day perfect for you.

The unique look of Super 8 film is something you won’t get with a digital camera! Your wedding film will be truly one of a kind, and whether you’re a lover of all things vintage, or just someone who appreciates the nostalgia of film, seeing your wedding day come to life is an experience you’ll never forget.

Of course, photos are an absolute must for any wedding day – but video captures your memories in a way that a photo can’t! With a video, you see the moment as it happens – you get a few seconds that include motion and movement, as opposed to just one moment frozen in time in a photo.

With a wedding video, the feeling really comes to life! You get to see the moment as it really happened, with the big smiles, the movement of your partner’s laughter, and second to actually being there and experiencing it, video is the next best thing. 


I offer Super 8 film as an add on to any wedding photo collection that includes 2 photographers! This means that when you book with me, you have the option to add a film – if you aren’t sure yet, you can also decide to add this later. 

Don’t worry – you won’t be getting a 2 hour film that you’ll probably watch once and then never have time for again. They’re more of a highlight reel, ranging from 3 to 5 minutes. You get all the best moments from your day!

You don’t need a darkroom or a fancy projector to watch your film! After the wedding, I develop your film, then digitize it, so that you can get a digital file that’s easy to share, and easy to watch. Your film is edited so that the best moments make it to the final product, and I’ll add music to make it even more personal!

If you’re sold on this gorgeous film format, and want to add it to your wedding day (or even your engagement session,) contact me!

Since it is a newer service, I am offering it at a lower cost (under $1000)!  As a standalone service, a Super 8 wedding film starts at $800. If you would like to add it on to a wedding photo collection, it starts at $500. 

How long is the film?

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We want Super 8 film for our wedding!

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